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by ⊹⊱ⓜⓘⓝⓓⓨ⊰⊹ (xsinfulxtouchx)
at January 5th, 2010 (02:09 am)

Keita and Jaejoong “We Are Together"

The following is an excerpt from Tokyo FM’s Diamond Bell radio program (on the 12th) with W-inds.

Keita Tachibana: Talking about Tokyo Tower’s presents, everyone should have some memories with Tokyo Tower right?

Ryohei Chiba: Memories about Tokyo Tower?

Keita Tachibana: Uh-huh

Ryuichi Ogata: Memory about Tokyo Tower…

Ryohei Chiba: Um…

Keita Tachibana: I have one. Once I went to Tokyo Tower with just us 2 guys.

Ryohei Chiba: With Jaejoong right?

Keita Tachibana: Yes, with Jaejoong…

Ryuichi Ogata: Heard you talk about it before.

Ryohei Chiba: With
Tohoshinki’s Jaejoong.

Keita Tachibana: Together with Jaejoong, the two of us went to Tokyo Tower, we wanted to take a picture as a souvenir, so we asked people around us “Please help us take a picture.” The people around us asked us questions like “What are you two doing?” So we replied
“We are together” (as in a relationship), then that person really came to take the picture. (laughs)

Ryuichi Ogata: You can’t talk like that.

Ryohei Chiba: Its really not funny.

Keita Tachibana: But after that, we honesty tried to explain: “We are just joking, only joking.” This is my memory.

riiiiigh.... don't lie... we all know it's the truth. kekeke

Oh and hi, I'm new ^_^

I love dbsk and jaejoong is my favorite and since jaejoongie's friendship with keita began, I've grown to like w-inds too! kekee... umm yeah... I'm totally in love with yunjae and all but damn! keijae (as I would call it xD) had certainly caught my attention... sorry leader-shii~ hehe so I TOTALLY suppor dongbangwinds love!!!! hehe oh and OMG!!! heard about Jaejoong, Junsu, Yoochun, Chun's bro, AND Keita in AUSTRALIA!!!??? OMG OMG I'M SO HAPPY!! Jaejoong without a doubt invited Keita. hehe and Changminnie will be there shooting his drama... wonder how this'll turn out...

Credit: herobar
Trans: sharingyoochun.net
Shared by: oneTVXQ.com




Posted by: the.crazzy.catz (the_crazy_cat)
Posted at: January 5th, 2010 08:51 am (UTC)

LoL girl. Where've you been?? This is old news.

You should change the title to 'Jaekei's honeymoon in Aussie' XD Not that we know for sure yet. I've seen Jaechunsu's fancam, but Keita's whereabouts is still a mystery. I wonder if JJ really invited Keita to Aussie to introduce him to Min, since he already did to Yoosu. The kids need to know their new daddy XD

Posted by: ⊹⊱ⓜⓘⓝⓓⓨ⊰⊹ (xsinfulxtouchx)
Posted at: January 6th, 2010 04:34 am (UTC)
{Sinful Touch} [5] CM Lips

hehe i know. I heard about it a while back, but i never heard the "WE ARE TOGETHER" part. ee!! that makes me so happy!!! HAHAHAHAHAH OMG I HAD THAT EXACT THOUGHT!!!!!!!!! *high five* haha ah... i love yunho-shii, but ever since that rumor came out about him and the one chick.. grr.. it irriates me, and then when I read a jaekei fanfic yesterday, I realized how cute that would be and look... here I am fangirling over them. hehe xD my new otp....

Posted by: the.crazzy.catz (the_crazy_cat)
Posted at: January 6th, 2010 05:42 am (UTC)

IKR, the tokyo tower part was months ago, but he only told us about 'we're together' on december XD

What chick? Go Ara? I love him too but I don't mind him going out with chick, dick or somewhere in between XD I'll be happy for him. I get a really strong gay vibe from him though, but I may be wrong.

YunJae was my ultimate bias, but Jaekei ... from the first time I saw their pic in Tokyo Tower it wormed its way into my heart. Perhaps because the rift between JJ and YH that most fans try so sooo hard to deny ::shakes head:: Besides, Keita's adorable. how could JJ resist? Hehehee...

Btw, do you find other Jaekei fics other than Lotus' what you are? rec me!!! been looking everywhere but can't find any TT__TT

Posted by: ⊹⊱ⓜⓘⓝⓓⓨ⊰⊹ (xsinfulxtouchx)
Posted at: January 6th, 2010 06:30 am (UTC)
{Sinful Touch} [4] YH Hair

Haha well I think most people get a strong vibe from yunho... ya know and I've come to the conclusion that she asked him out and he said yes, cuz leader-shii is nice like that. ::in denial:: lol idk... rift? The only one that there is no denying is what is going on with the lawsuit and shit... ugh. hate it. And I know!! KEita is so KAWAII!!! I FREAKIN LOVE THIS COUPLE.. aish but there is just not enough of it around, :/

And the one I was reading was this: http://community.livejournal.com/sarangauljima/26517.html#cutid1

Posted by: the.crazzy.catz (the_crazy_cat)
Posted at: January 6th, 2010 07:07 am (UTC)

Oooohhh... thanks for the rec ^_^ It's great!!!!

yeah, the rift I meant was the one caused by the law suit. There's no effing way it doesn't affect their relationship. be it bromance or romance.

I've been scouring internet looking for Jaekei but no luck. Would you mind informing me again if you find more? Or why not rec them all on feelthehug? Hehehehe....

Posted by: ⊹⊱ⓜⓘⓝⓓⓨ⊰⊹ (xsinfulxtouchx)
Posted at: January 6th, 2010 07:16 am (UTC)

yeah stupid SM... and yes, kekeke if I find jaekei fics (or jaekei anything really) you will be the one I inform first. ^-^ keke can I add you as a friend?

Posted by: the.crazzy.catz (the_crazy_cat)
Posted at: January 6th, 2010 07:18 am (UTC)

Definitely! My journal is empty tho. Chronic lurker here ::blushes::

Posted by: ⊹⊱ⓜⓘⓝⓓⓨ⊰⊹ (xsinfulxtouchx)
Posted at: January 6th, 2010 07:38 am (UTC)

hehe no problem~

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