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The Official Livejournal of musicJAPANplus [userpic]
INTERVIEW feat. w-inds. on their new release!
by The Official Livejournal of musicJAPANplus (official_mjp)
at December 15th, 2009 (06:30 pm)


■w-inds. 'New World/Truth~Saigo no Shinjitsu~' Release Interview
'New World' Opened Up by w-inds.

w-inds. recently released their new single 'New World / Truth~最後の真実~ (New World / Truth~Saigo no Shinjitsu)'. For the double A-side single they collaborated with top class producers of Japan and the US. For the first song w-inds. worked with Imai Ryosuke, who has created many Japanese R&B masterpieces. The second song was provided by the No.1 R&B artist Ne-Yo. What have they achieved through the collaborations? Along with the new songs, the w-inds. members also talked about their concerts in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Click here to read the interview!

like a fortune cookie (short and vague) [userpic]
song covers?
by like a fortune cookie (short and vague) (konzatsu)
at November 17th, 2009 (11:22 am)
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it's been a little quiet in here with the lawsuit and all, so i thought i'd open a discussion post to get things going.

thought for the day: what w-inds. song would you want to hear tvxq cover? what tvxq song would you want to hear w-inds. cover?

my completely unbiased thoughts, to start :)

devil | i was listening to this on the way to work this morning and suddenly thought about how awesome it would sound if tvxq did it. yoochun would totally end up with the 'damn, okay' at the beginning and i'd love to hear him and jaejoong going back and forth on the part ryuichi and ryohei do. and you know you wanna hear junsu/changmin say 'am i dirty'/'am i naughty'. XD
kazauta | it's a gorgeous song, and keita singing this for the thanks tour about had me in tears. junsu? would probably have me bawling like a little girl. ;~;
hanamuke | i bet the bridge would sound unbelievable with five voices and the way tvxq can adlib.

mirotic | because ryuichi doing the rap would be about 5442643264376457 hotter than yunho (sorry, leader, i love you, but that nasal thing has got to stop). and, y'know, they should do the choreography (and put ryu in that white tank top and leather pants su's wearing).
sky/summer dream | they kind of remind me of tooi kioku and i bet the boys would have a lot of fun. insanity ftw. :D

so what do you think?

sunshine [userpic]
more jaekei from the boypop event :D
by sunshine (chychaai)
at November 10th, 2009 (01:12 pm)

In which Keita briefly talks about Jaejoong and Jaejoong flails over their friendship, LOL. ♥ ty, hatsuharu_shiki :D


在你的世界降落。 [userpic]
jaekei again - mention of keita in translated article
by 在你的世界降落。 (lazychaoz)
at September 12th, 2009 (01:52 pm)

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this was just posted over at dbsg, and the complete translated article is this post right here. i only saved and uploaded the template that had the paragraph about keita, so head over if you want to read the whole thing (:

image + credits under cutCollapse )

sunshine [userpic]
by sunshine (chychaai)
at August 24th, 2009 (11:16 pm)

JAEKEI{the BOY POP event, 2009.08.20 in odaiba, tokyo, japan}
click the picture for a HUGE version. you really need to. i'm not kidding. ajsdhjakshdjaskhfjashf ;w; ILTSM.

credit: herowings.com

P.S.: I am sorry if you're seeing this again from feel_the_fate ! :'Dvv

DASH!!ignition [userpic]
[8.21.09] KK x JJ #2 - fan report from Daiba (:
by DASH!!ignition (dash_ignition)
at August 20th, 2009 (11:46 pm)
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hey guys. been a while since i've posted here. No pictures or anything; sorry (not anything new anyways). but I do come baring a fan report from Daiba Folk Mura Deluxe 26th Night (in order words, that one performance with kk + jj + yuchun)

hit up the lj-cut to find out more!

hey FTH :D
I'm not going to translate it all because there's some stuff that is just extra in there. so pretty much going to summarize slash translate certain parts of the blog. hope you don't mind.. ^__^;

wanna find out what happened with jj&kk&yuchun?Collapse )

sooo yep. that's it. I wrote notes in italics. :D;

[ x-posted to feel_the_fate & feelthe_hug ]

fan report: hami
summarization/translation: vi
please credit BOTH of us if you take it, kay? thanks :D

The Official Livejournal of musicJAPANplus [userpic]
New Live Report of w-inds.
by The Official Livejournal of musicJAPANplus (official_mjp)
at August 13th, 2009 (01:52 pm)

 Hey everyone, we just updated a Live report of w-inds.!
Oh I miss them!!
This time, we updated with both English and Chinese versions! (wow!)

Make sure you have read it!!

On July 4th from PACIFICO Yokohama National Convention Hall w-inds. had kicked off their concert tour! Their goal: rock and shock the entire nation. The live performance in Tokyo Kokusai (International) Forum took place in the early stages of their long road trip. What sort of show had they in store for the fans? As the tour goes on, the group’s superior MC-ing is bound to attract attention, chiefly because they never talk about the same thing twice! This live report will showcase all the MCs that were done at Tokyo Kokusai Forum! w-inds. also mesmerized the audience with their dancing and singing, putting on a great show like no other!

Here is the link! Click to read the whole article!

Tan Xue Lei [userpic]
JaeJoong X Keita
by Tan Xue Lei (tanxuelei)
at August 2nd, 2009 (03:19 am)

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Text Behind CutCollapse )

credit: quirky_love@dbsglj
translations: dash_ignition@lj
source: http://ameblo.jp/tachibana-keita/entry-10312224564.html

I think I'll go work on my next oneshot/doubleshot based on this new pairing 8DDD

凸凹★T2 [userpic]
[blog news] JaeJoong watches w-inds.' live
by 凸凹★T2 (tomosuki)
at July 20th, 2009 (05:25 pm)

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Have yet to see official online articles on this, but a bunch of blogs over at Ameblo reported that DBSK's JaeJoong watched w-inds. perform on the 13th of this month at the International Forum. \:D/

Also, a fan report on the Sendai live on the 17th said Keita mentioned JaeJoong during the MC segment while they were talking about Ryohei's blog entry about his hair. He allegedly said 「ジェジュンみたいな髪型がいいんでしょ?」 ("A hairstyle like JaeJoong's would be nice, wouldn't it?") Anyone happen to have been at that live and can verify this? :D

Also, do share if anyone has more information on these little w-inds. x DBSK happenings! skjdhfskljdhfslkjdhf