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The Official Livejournal of musicJAPANplus [userpic]
Episode 169: An impressive collaboration decided for UNITED Vol.2!
by The Official Livejournal of musicJAPANplus (official_mjp)
at June 16th, 2010 (08:05 pm)

From musicJAPANplus

I'm at the w-inds. office, at the event sponsored by VISION FACTORY held at Zepp Tokyo.
This time around artists such as w-inds., Lead, DA PUMP, Miura Daichi, and Nobuyama Toshihiro will be appearing!

The w-inds and Miura Daichi collaboration was priceless.

But, I was really focused on Nobuyama Toshihiro-kun!!
At 19, he does dramas, theater, musicals, and he dances as well?!
In fact, right now the young actor is focused on the drama "Hammer Session!"

Now, back to the story of w-inds.!
It's almost as as if...I saw them a few days ago. lol

Keita was the first to come out, saying with a smile, "I'm kinda nervous!!"
As Ryuichi and Ryohei, as well as Lead and DA PUMP entertained with competitive dance, I thought, "They're growing through friendly competition" like a parent, lol

If I say any more details of the event, the fun of the report will be lost, so I'll stop here. Well, just wait for the report!!


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